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What I Want For Myself Is a Modern closet

  • 2021-04-19

The closet design is very important for every woman. "I have nothing to wear. I have to buy new clothes." It is a common refrain you will hear if you live with a woman or have a close friend who is a girl. But if you buy too many clothes, you won’t have enough wardrobe space to put them. To solve this problem is very simple, only need to remodel the porch at home, and you can immediately get a Closet. Linsy Home has sorted out several schemes for reference of Closet Designs For Small Closets. The following types of Customized Wardrobe:

亮光灯灯泡图标新创意概念-163818061.jpgCustomized Type

    1. Closed Type Of Customized Wardrobe

 This kind of Closet Design is usually composed of various customized cabinets, made it look clean and elegant. 

Shoes and cloth had their place, there is no need to organize clothes and shoes after putting them in. Also, the dust is hard to get inside the closet. 



2. The open wardrobe is more convenient to access items. Not only place clothes and shoes 

but also place accessories to decorate the space. 

It can also be used in combination with bamboo baskets, storage boxes, etc., to meet more storage needs, 


1618798098567938.jpgModification Type

If you have already moved in and don't want to spend too much time setting up the closet. 

Use shelf and hooks to assemble a Modern closet. This combination is relatively simple to install and only takes up less space.



Or buy a multifunctional porch cabinet to replace the wardrobe. The porch cabinet can provide enough storage space. 

Various items can be placed in the cabinet. Ornaments can be placed on the cabinet to increase the brightness of the porch. 

You can also place small daily sundries for convenience.




Although the porch is generally not so big, as long as you use it wisely, you can own a modern closet in your home.

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