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Happy 14 Years Anniversary LINSY, Cast Dream Magician LINSY New IP officially launched

  • 2021-06-01

Welcome to this LINSY "Youth and Unrestricted" Anniversary Event




LINSY Home Furniture has entered a new journey for the fourteenth year and has always been

unswervingly being the companion of young people. Focus on meeting the consumer needs of young people, continue to make efforts to upgrade the brand value from product design, space style, rejuvenation marketing, and other aspects, and strive to become the first choice brand for young people to buy furniture for the first time. 


The 14th Anniversary Event Party has the theme of "Youth and Unrestricted".The layout of the event site is concerned with the three core elements of love, attitude, and innovation, which also can be the description of young people. Its "Youth Carnival" belonging to the LINSY family, highlight the youth and vitality of the brand image and values.


Cast Dream Magician IP officially launched



In the new consumer era, to gain the young generation's Likability of brands is more inclined to emotional and personal communication. In order to cater to the aesthetics of young people, many companies have created their corporate culture into emotional and warm brands LINSY is no exception. To better communicate with consumers, LINSY had created the new IP brand image, realize it could make the brand image more youthful.



It is reported that LINSY Furniture’s corporate culture IP Dream Magician is composed of five personified role members, representing the corporate values of “simple and honest, look ahead to the future, self-motivation, share and cooperation, and professionalism” The brave and clever Captain Lin Gangan, the cute and kind-hearted Lin Chengcheng, the combative Lin Dongdong, the intelligent and independent Lin Zhizhi, and the responsible Lin Dandan. They have different image characteristics and emotional temperatures. They have different image characteristics and emotional temperature respectively. They are both close friends and companions around us. They are good at creating surprises in life and inspiring energy to make us better ourselves.


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