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Linsy Home Furniture creates a sales miracle on the fifth Tmall Super Brand Day

  • 2021-05-01

Nowadays, the youthful brand is a trend. Young people have become the target of most famous brands. The new generation of consumers have avant-garde consumption minds and high-quality pursuits and are more willing to pay for products with good-looking appearance and high cost-effective. How to continue to be popular and stay connected with the market, requires brands to always grasp the characteristics of the new consumer market.

Recently, Fashion Furniture brand Linsy Home Furniture has ushered in the fifth Tmall Brand Day, launching 2021 ET light luxury series new products, and cooperating with actor Yangzi Xinmu to perform "Life is Beautiful" to create the first furniture fashion film. Leave an unforgettable impression on young people



As a home furnishing brand that understands young people most, Linsy home furniture ET new product line has upgraded. Keep up with current popular furniture trends and seize the market with good-looking and fashionable designs.


▲ ET light luxury show-living room space


▲ ET light luxury show-living room space


▲ ET light luxury show-restaurant space

Use short videos + fashion posters and other content to create the emotional value link between the brand and the customers. and convey the brand concept of "using precision to live an interesting young life attitude", allowing customers to experience online shopping in a 360°VR scene-based immersive space.



Linsy Home Furniture also created the online 3D model room for new ET products. A new online furniture shopping model, allowing customers to choose their favorite furniture products at home by swiping the phone screen only. Create an immersive home furniture shopping experience for customers.


▲ 3D Space

On Super brand day, the daily GMV of Linsy home Furniture exceeded 166 million in a single day. Compared with last year, the number of new customers increased by 43 %. Among them, the total purchases of young consumers increased by 35%, and the total exposure of the brand was as high as to reach to 270 million people. It has brought double growth in sales and brand reputation.



Only continuous innovation can attract the attention of young consumers and strive to bring a variety of fun furniture shopping experiences to consumers.

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