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14 years-old Linsy is ready to Start Fresh

  • 2021-04-23

In many people's minds, Linsy Home furniture Manufacturers supplier is a "Peculiar" but with much Luck. For many years, it has been the NO.1 home furniture sales in the Chinese e-commerce market, and has won the Tmall 11.11 home furniture category for many consecutive years, and has become one of the largest new home retail Furniture Manufacturers brands in China.


It is still difficult for people to understand why Linsy Home Furniture's business model can not copy by others? In the process of going offline, what setbacks did Linsy Furniture Manufacturers encounter and how to overcome it? With many questions and curiosity, we started a new round of exploration.

Two Key Capabilities


1. Quickly and accurately develop

Quickly and accurately develop products that consumers like, so those furniture wholesale opponents cannot copy our products. How many products can you see? The answer is more than 13,000 SKU. This is the annual number of stock products on T mall. Not only that, but it also uploads more than 1,000 new SKU products every month. Such a speed not only surprised traditional furniture companies but even exceeded some FMCG brands. Before peer plagiarism, Linsy China furniture supplier has completed a new round of products, It can be said that "plagiarism is too late." It's not difficult to quickly upload the new product, but it is difficult to accurately match the market demand at the same time.

2. Vertical supply chain management creates the high-cost performance

Only with the high speed of product innovation can not constitute a strong and long-term demand chain. To manufacturing diversifying of products does not mean you can make high sales. The more critical factor that affects sales is the cost performance. Especially the online consumption model makes consumers extremely sensitive to prices.


How to ensure higher cost performance?

For stable production and supply and cost reduction, Linsy always imports pure material with large quantity purchases. And prepare inventory for TOP100's most popular products to ensure price stability.


China furniture Manufacturer with a trillion-dollar furniture retail market, e-commerce channels are only one of the sale channels. Going from online to offline is an inevitable way for home furnishing brands with a sale of over 10 billion Chinese Dollars. Since 2018, the operation of offline stores in the home furnishing industry has become increasingly difficult, but for Linsy Home Furniture, is come out another result. As of March 2021, Linsy Home has about 475 stores nationwide. It is estimated that more than 70% of dealers after a one-year operation period are profitable. Through the revenue data, the proportion of 2020 Linsy Home both online and offline channel revenue has reached 1: 1, which is a remarkable achievement.

New Story To Tell


Create a new miracle with a new retail model

Today's Linsy Home is no longer just a "Tao Star" in people’s view, but covers many e-commerce channels such as Tmall,, Pinduoduo, Suning, Vipshop, and follow by 2,000Million fans. While exploring a unique new retail path that connects online and offline, Linsy Home is also more clear about its positioning-focusing on young people aged 18 to 35, to be the first choice for young people to buy furniture. The 14-year-old Linsy Home-furniture suppliers China is using their methods to create a new miracle in the furniture industry, and ready to make another 10 billion in the future.



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