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Use 36㎡ of space wisely, live small doesn't mean you can't live large

  • 2021-04-14

Nowadays, real estate is as valuable as gold. To maximize the value of each square is the decoration plans goal of most young couples. In this issue, We will take you to a Small Home Design guide of 36 square meters, and teach you to create a home environment that meets the fun life of two people in a limited space, satisfy the needs of dining, reading, watching movies, and resting.


Living Room

Linsy Home furniture living room design Sofa.jpg

The living room is like the "facade" of a home, and it is also an important family entertainment area. A comfortable light-colored fabric sofa, and the floor covered with a geometric carpet. Not only can it meet the daily needs of two people to watch movies together, but even if their friend comes over, it still got enough space to entertain them.

Linsy Home furniture living room design Sofa 2.jpg


Dining Room

No matter how small the apartment is, there must be a dining room in your decoration plans, ensure a sense of ritual for dinner. First, predict the number of diners and reserve space for tables and chairs. Satisfy basic dining room needs. Second, use a trolley to make a movable sideboard to store tableware, which is flexible and practical.

Linsy Home furniture dining room design kitchen room design table chair.jpg

The third wall uses bright tones to make the space wider and finally decorated with green chandeliers, paintings, and green plants.



The bedroom is a quiet and private space provide people to get relax. The four-piece suit and green pillows, as if moving nature into the room, make the bedroom warm and elegant.

Linsy Home furniture bed room design bed frame night stand.jpg

The double-drawer bedside table is next to the bed, and ample storage keeps the space in order.

Linsy Home furniture bed room design bed frame night stand 2.jpg


Study Room

The small size of the narrow space slender, often ignored. As long as you make good use of the corner positions, you can also arrange your own small private space, where you can arrange office, reading, and games.

Study room Library.jpg

A small home can be exquisite and spacious, creating a style of a home of your own. choose the products you need, and start a happy family life.

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