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LINSY Modern And Futuristic Open House Community Is Coming Soon!

  • 2021-06-07
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The LINSY Modern And Futuristic Open House Community on the 5th floor of the LINSY headquarters will be officially opened in June! "The best way to predict the future is to create it by yourself." This sentence perfectly describes the meaning of the LINSY open house Community Project. LINSY Modern And Futuristic Open House Community, also known as "LINTOPIA", is a long-awaited plan. 



The world is changing so fast, many things are too late to be named. For LINSY, 30 days is enough to create a new community space. Every ㎡ of the community project represents LINSY modern and futuristic style.


 LINSY (1).png

1. High quality 1:1 sample room, create a real home experience

.LINSY Home has 14 years of operating experience and collected over 10 million family life scene data, combined with data, and had built the information and digital center. Through the analysis of big data, to position the target consumer groups, explore consumer needs, and be the reference to design the home experience area. 


15 apartment spaces covering multiple styles, all categories, and multiple customer groups

The room styles cover Nordic, modern, light luxury, Italian, Chinese, American, and other mainstream styles, including guest, dining, bedroom, study, etc., and the children's space covers the aesthetics of different ages such as babies, teenagers, and youth. Open house communities can meet the different channels, different categories, different styles of new media development needs.




2. 3,500㎡ the immersive scene, One-stop live broadcast center

The community home experience area includes open creative space, enclosed space, whole house space, creative street-view space, which can bring many different live experiences to the audiences such as creative seating live multi-space scenes, street scene live, and other live forms. A live broadcast can be achieved in different styles by switches space.


1 (2).jpg



Creative scenes create unlimited possibilities

10㎡ LED electronic screen and creative studio, According to different product categories with different background design; At the same time, product scene switching can better introduce product details and information and enhance consumers' experience of watching our live broadcast.


3. Diverse household product chain, all-round live broadcast space

At present, in the field of live broadcasting, LINSY has established a "self-broadcast + external expert cooperation, and we are also helping and training offline stores, using live broadcasting to attract more traffic in the same city or nearby. The impact of live broadcasting on the sales side is becoming more and more significant. In the beginning, the entertainment or reward live broadcast format that everyone thought was slowly evolving into a professional sales channel, and slowly began to starting to drive product sales with high-value orders. The completion of the LINSY Home Community has greatly created more possibilities for the development of new media.



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