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New home furniture retail strategy upgrades in the future修改版

  • 2021-03-31

When the long-dormant home furniture supplier business returned to its normal trajectory, everyone had to admit that the familiar track was becoming unfamiliar. In the post-epidemic era, traditional home business logic and furniture consumption patterns subtle changes are quietly happening.



With the continuous increase in the aesthetic level of consumers and the continuous upgrading of consumer cognition, consumers will not simply be satisfied with the comfort and beauty of the furniture items but more focus on the home space. In July 2020, Linsy Home, China furniture supplier first customized comprehensive store settled in Chengdu, bringing the one-stop-shopping service for furniture consumption patterns. To form a new home business model of "finished products + customization + home goods".

To give more reference to consumers, it has specially set up the showroom with the Nordic, modern, light luxury, and another fashionable home style. The interpretation of the comprehensive new business model and the future new consumer trend of whole-house customization furniture.



In the comprehensive new business model, Linsy Home furniture supplier provides the most cost-effective and perfect products through the integration of diversified product categories. Pursue the concept of "precise customization, whole house purchase". The interior design is integrated with the whole house customization, finished furniture, and home items to create the ideal home that young people yearn for.


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