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Mix And Match Natural Style Interior Design

  • 2021-05-26

Let you define your ideal home style, how would you express it? Often at this time, the answer is uncertain. Diversity could be the label for young people. Put aside the inherent cognition, refuse to limit your home to one style, try two or three styles, and create an innovative fashion house of your own.

Natural Style is one of the favorite styles of young people nowadays. Natural Style is hard to be clearly defined. Sometimes it can be one of Nordic, Japanese, and Chinese Styles. Natural Style is the leader in the mashup world. You want your room to be minimalist and comfortable while keeping the sense of stylish design. The following whole house customization cases done by Linsy Home can be used as a reference.

                                           01 Living Room
                                                                                                                                                                                   Living room

Open the door after getting off work, press the switch, the warm yellow color, matched with the wooden floor and furniture, is a warm home exclusively for you. For small apartments, space can be expanded visually by Removal of complexity and pursue simplicity. For example, there are open and closed small coffee tables, TV cabinets, and storage cabinets, which can easily organize the items in the house. 


On the decoration side, in addition to storage, small decorations can make the whole home look different. Various designs of pillows are placed on the modern light luxury three-seat sofa to fully show the personality of the homeowner in a limited space. Some interesting designs, such as paintings, wood carvings, bouquets, ceramic pots, carpets, add beauty to the home.


Also, rattan weaving and green plant elements can easily match Chinese and Japanese styles. It is a bit country and Japanese style when matched with wooden furniture.

                                           02 Kitchen and dining room

                                                                                                                                                                                      Kitchen and dining room

Available space of the house is too small? Often the "open design" can happily solve this problem. The sideboard makes full use of the effective space and easily solves the storage 

the problem of the kitchen space.


Moreover, when customizing the sideboard, there are light strips and small spotlights that can be added. When the items are displayed with warm light, It can make people's moods turn brighter. And a lot of display space, so that the style of the restaurant depends on the owner's display preferences. It can be Japanese style, modern, Trend art, European style luxury, Those are easy to achieve.



House with one living room and two bedrooms, which mean the usable area of the bedroom is will be not large, so how can we make perfect use of the space? The bed is large, occupies a lot of space. The bed will be placed on the wall and reserved a spacious aisle. On the white wall behind you, hang a few favorite paintings, install a storage table, and put small items. 



The green plants, wooden furniture, and wooden floor in the bedroom are the elements that keep the characteristics of natural style, coupled with the personalized chandeliers, which can upgrade the room image. When choosing a chandelier, you can choose a little more fashionable one, different from the main style of the bedroom that can show your character.


▲To store clothes, a clothes hanger with wheels is placed

                                                                                                                   which is very convenient for lazy people.


Have all the above small Tips been gotten? Home is defined by yourself, you don't need to follow the mainstream. Create your own style with Linsy Home, even if it is a mix and match, every selected furniture or small item can reflect the attitude of the homeowner.


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