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Linsy home expanding into new markets opens up new territory of supply chain and keeps ahead of the competition

  • 2021-05-14

On April 21st, Linsy home furniture and Chengdu Furniture Association Strategic Seminar was successfully held at the Linsy home furniture Headquarters. More than 50 representatives of home furnishing suppliers from Sichuan and Chongqing attended this event.

linsy home Furniture Manufacturers

[Release of a young force, be a companion for young people]


At the meeting, Lu Yang, the brand manager of Linsy home furniture, introduced to everyone the development of Linsy home furniture brand concept. Targeted at young users as its main orientation of Linsy home furniture brand. As a leading brand of Internet home furnishings, Linsy home furniture Manufacturers has been making continuous improvements with products, services, and a series of marketing activities. Through the development of all styles and categories of products, we always produce cost-effective products and professional house design services, provide young consumers with a diverse lifestyle of choice. We aimed to become the first choice for young people to buy furniture. Linsy home furniture has won the top sales of furniture category on Tmall 11.11 for many consecutive years. In 2020, Tmall 11.11 has achieved a total sale amount of 1.212 billion in commodity transactions. 


Behind the amazing results is Linsy home Furniture Manufacturers using a young attitude to keep high-frequency communication with users. On the one hand, Linsy home furniture has created more than 50 large-scale marketing activities throughout the year to help brand exposure and continue to create high sales. So far, Linsy home furniture has more than 20 million omnichannel fans, and its offline new retail stores have rapidly expanded to 475 nationwide. In 2021, Linsy home furniture will accelerate the opening of offline stores and plans to attract 400 merchants.

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▲Lu Yang, Brand Director of Linsy Home Furniture

[Integrate and upgrade the supply chain system, enhance the core competitiveness]

Any well-known furniture Manufacturers in China is always inseparable from High productivity and a strong supply chain system. Especially for the Furniture Manufacturers industry, a stable supply chain can enable the Furniture Manufacturers industry to meet consumers purchasing needs on time, and provide a satisfying consumer experience. 

linsy home Furniture Manufacturers 3.jpg

▲Cui Jiehui, Vice President of Linsy Home Furniture shares future development plans

In this regard, Cui Jiehui, vice president of Linsy home furniture Products Supply Center, said at the meeting that Linsy home furniture has a strong and efficient supply chain system and manufacture, successfully helped Linsy home furniture to create home furnishing products with higher cost performance and more competitive advantages.


Promote the efficient and coordinated development of the Sichuan-Chongqing furniture supply chain in terms of product design, procurement, production, sales, and service.

Through the communication and learning between the two parties, the two parties reached a consensus and looked forward to cooperating as soon as possible. Facing the increasing demand in the home furnishing market, Linsy home furniture will continue to achieve breakthroughs and innovations in many aspects with efficient production and operations.


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